Setting nutritional goals is one thing, and achieving them is another. Often, different people start the year with new resolutions regarding their lifestyle changes, but they do not reach 30% of the goals on their list by the end of the year.  Perhaps, you have found yourself in such a situation whereby you have tried to change your nutrition for the better, but you have been unable? Here are a few tips to get you started afresh with an assurance that if you stick by these steps, you will achieve all your health goals.

Establish your motivation

Losing weight or changing diet does not come out of the blues –you need to have a trigger to adopt such dietary changes. First, start by establishing your motivation to change your lifestyle, nutrition of diet.  Perhaps, you are considering weight loss as the only way you can look better in your clothes, or even feel highly energetic? You need to come up with a better reason to act as the foundation of your intended change.

Create a plan

Adopting certain nutritional changes is a complete process, and hence, you need a process plan. If you engage in a dietary or health change process without a clear plan, the chances of failure are high. Create a clear plan of action founded on your needs and motivation for the change. Additionally, ensure that your plan is time-bound and includes approaches that you will adapt to implement it.

Set achievable goals

The goals that you set for your health changes will act as the measure of your progress. As such, your goals ought to be measurable, time-bounded, specific, realistic and achievable. For example, if you nutrition change is to help you lose some weight, elaborate this by pointing out the number of pounds you want to lose after a week or a month.

Observe your eating habits and patterns

Whatever you eat on a daily basis contributes mainly to your state of health. If your goals are to lose weight, you will have to do away with fats and other types of foods that are likely to make you gain weight. For better results, you need to create a fitness log that will guide you on the healthy alternatives that you can adopt in line with your set goals. Observing your eating habits and patterns gives you a chance to establish what works best for you and the proposed health change.

Read widely

The availability of so much information online about the lifestyle, health, and nutritional changes can be tempting at times. Before you try anything, ensure that you have gotten the information from reliable sources. For example, you can consult your local doctor, dietician or nutritionist to guide you in your new plan to adopt a certain change.


The above tips can help you achieve any proposed change in health, nutrition, or even in lifestyle. However, all you need to do is maintain high discipline and stick to your plan and goals.

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