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My Story

I wanted a fundamental change to my lifestyle that would make me feel strong and confident everyday. I wanted my body to reach its full potential. I wanted to feel good in the most holistic way.

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I didn’t think nutrition was important as I could eat whatever I wanted and still looked skinny but, even though I looked thin, I was not healthy. I made a pivotal change in the way I approached my health.
This decision to change everything about my training and nutrition habits enhanced my life in ways I never thought possible, every single day I felt immense pride in the progress I was making, I gained muscle, felt more active and had never felt more confident.

I wanted to share this accomplishment and encourage every single person around me to embrace a healthy balanced life which is why I decided to start my fitness page.!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer

My Professional Certificates
Certificate Personal Trainer Daniela Suarez