Summer Body Toning Guide

4 Week Workout Program
  • 4 Weeks, 4 Workouts Per Week, 16 Different Workouts

    This program focuses on teaching you the right technique to train your body.  It is designed to deliver tone,  create a small waist effect and isolate glute muscle growth.

  • 4 Unique Workouts Every Week

    For maximum results, you have access to glute activation,  H.I.I.T trainings,  and weighted workouts designed to sculpt your body. 

  • Over 100 Step-By-Step training Videos

    My mobile-optimized platform allows you to watch instructional videos of me performing each exercise during all your training sessions. 

  • My Personal Support 24/7 And Fitness Community

    Receive response to all emails within 24 hours and ability to engage with a community of strong and beautiful women

Fit Cookbook

Ultimate Guide For a Healthy Lifestyle
  • 50 Quick Recipes & Calorie Count

    5-15 minute, few ingredients for healthy alternatives. Includes breakfasts, snacks A.M, lunches, snacks P.M and dinners. Each recipe contains short cooking instructions and calorie count.

  • Basic Nutritional Science Background

    Explanations of essential concepts such as your body type, calorie intake and macronutrients. And how this knowledge can help you optimize your healthy lifestyle.

  • Recipes Adaptable To Your Personal Preferences

    Ways to adapt most recipes to vegan, gluten free, low carb, and any other preference.

  • FAQ & Tips

    Ideal weekly shopping list, portion control tips and frequently asked questions.


Je suis fière de mes progrès même si le parcours n’a pas toujours été facile. Je pense qu’il est important de se fixer des objectifs réalistes. Merci pour cette belle expérience, c’est évident que je vais continuer dans cette direction !

Martine Lamontagne, Montreal

” I can’t believe how much my body has changed in a month. I lost so much weight. One kg per week training with you, I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me, and pushing me during every session. You are definately more than just a trainer, you are my health coach, I love you”

Briana, Montreal

” Crazy how much a body can change in just 21 days of eating healthy and working out on a regular basis. Thanks to @daniela.suarez_  I have found a well balanced routine that has bettered my lifestyle in several ways”

Sarah, Montreal